cdc spa

Computer Discount | CEO

HQ: Pontedera (PI), Italy

Computer Discount (CDC SPA Group) used to be my client. In 2005 they offered me the CEO position and it was an honor for me to accept. I was 28 and no special technical skill in Computer Hardware (at that time ICT Retail Business was mostly about Hardware), but it was a great experience to lead the company to increased revenue in an agonizing industry (Computer Shops) through a more “customer oriented” and “business oriented” model.

My tasks as CEO in Computer Discount:
  • Coached and guided senior managers to improve effectiveness and policy enforcement, resulting in improved employee job satisfaction and higher performance levels.
  • Drove implementation of new market expansion to propel business forward and adapt to market changes.
  • Reviewed individual department performance and worked with leadership to improve processes, procedures and practices.
  • Determined vision and strategic direction for Business area and coordinated resources to achieve targets within optimal timeframes.
  • Devised new promotional approaches to boost customer numbers and market penetration while enhancing engagement and driving growth.